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Mission Xposure

SBC's annual Mission X is a vital experiential component of what we are about at SBC. As such it has become a special signature of our desire to help students consistently integrate what they are learning at a practical, ministry level.

  • First year students participate in para-church service and rescue initiatives in Winnipeg's core area.
  • Second year students travel to the native communities of Northern Manitoba and minister there.
  • Third year students have the opportunity of ministering in international settings like Mexico, Belize, Nicaragua, Cuba, Paraguay, Bolivia, and the Philippines.
  • Kugluktuk, Nunavut is an exciting new alternate destination for our third and fourth year students.
Team gets ready to leave for Kugluktuk

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As students progress from first year to third year Mission X presents them with greater challenges, requiring greater maturity, growth, and commitment. Taken together, all three Mission X experiences are meant to help the student to grow and to deepen their commitment to Christ.

SBC's Mission X is an important part of helping equip students for church ministry. This practical, hands-on, service opportunity challenges students with global needs both far and near, while also helping them discover their own particular giftedness and ministry interests. Students learn to rely on God, and each other, as they face the different challenges of cross-cultural ministry. Students' lives are deeply changed and many sense, or deepen an existing sense, of God's personal call on their lives for involvement in ministry.

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